M&M Orthodontic Lab, Inc.  
                                                         Custom Quality is our Goal

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  Shipping-  For our new clients, we provide  a welcome pack that includes shipping supplies,
                      Rx forms and FedEx pre-printed airbills.  Free additional supplies  are  available
                      upon request.  We also offer free shipping for incoming work orders.

  Turn around time-  Our  standard  turn  around time is  3 in-lab  business days.  It's also
                                       possible to have an appliance expedited if the need should arise.

   Billing-    We offer major discount prices for higher volume and new  practices.  Statements
                      are issued at the beginning of each month, with a 30 day net pay.  Payments can
                      be made by check or credit card ( we accept all major credit cards ).

                                          Contact Information-  
                                                   Address: 330 Smoky Hollow Trail, Siler City, NC  27344
                                                   Toll free: 1-866-297-3397
                                                   Local Phone number: 919-663-3788
                                                   Fax number: 919-663-3049
                                                   E-mail: contactus@mmortholab.com

   We are committed to achieving the utmost in personal service,  by providing
   our  customers  with  the  highest degree of  superior quality, timeliness and 
                                                       customer service.
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