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                                                         Custom Quality is our Goal

Appliances / Accessories


To minimize chairside time, we adjust each appliance before it leaves our lab, thereby increasing the doctor's productivity.
We custom make every appliance using the highest quality  acrylics and materials.  We offer free standard carving of bands and brackets and also a free retainer case with each patient's removable appliance.
If you don't see the appliance you are looking for, just contact us. 



Removable retainers are typically used for retention after the braces are removed, either   after a phase I early treatment or final completed treatment. We offer several different types, active and passive. 
  Hawley Retainers 

       Standard  Hawley           Hawley with Soldered             Lower Hawley


       Circumferencial                  Tooth Aligner

   Spring Hawleys                                                                                                                                            
                         Spring Hawley                            Spring 3x3   

    Invisible retainers


Functional appliances can be used when there is a need for either upper and/or lower lateral arch development, or when it's necessary to move the anterior teeth forward and/or the molars distally. Occlusal  acrylic  over  the  posterior  teeth  can be 
added to help open the bite and facilitate movement.

                             Schwartz                                          Sagittal



We offer a  wide  variety of metal appliances, both  active and  passive.  In  the case of fixed appliances, we have extensive 
experience in band seating, so  you  have  the options of sending the model with the bands pre-seated, we can fit them for 
you if the bands are sent separately from the model, or you can have us fit and seat our own bands. 

                                 Lower RPE                                Upper RPE  

                                 Quad Helix                          Lingual Holding Arch

                               Nance Button                           Transpalatal Bar


Fixed habit appliances are used to help correct habits which are counterproductive to treatment, such as thumbsucking  
or tongue thrusting. 

                                         Fence                                             Rake  



 Splints or nightguards  are typically  used for  the treatment of TMJ (temporomandibular joint)  disorders.  They can be made
 from  hard  acrylic or dual  laminate (hard exterior/soft interior) material  and are  fabricated to your specifications,  whether 
 maxillary or mandibular.

                              Hard Acrylic                                    Dual Laminate



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